We are now marking features that have been implemented by Tesla and taking them out of the main lists of requests. 

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Newest feature requests

Variable Text Size option (to increase text size in certain areas)

Just like how iOS has Dynamic Type to adjust the size of text in compatible apps, it would be nice if the Tesla OS had a similar feature.  For example, the top information bar on a Model 3 screen has a clock.  With something like Dynamic Type, you could increase the size of the numbers so people

SET LIMIT charging interface should show both miles and SOC percentage. And should jump in discrete 5% gradations instead of "analog-ish"

For battery health, I want to SET LIMIT to 75% for for daily driving. And I don't want to try counting the little bars and guessing of that really means percentage of SOC. The miles don't really matter unless I have a trip. So show both miles AND State of Charge.