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Newest feature requests

SET LIMIT charging interface should show both miles and SOC percentage. And should jump in discrete 5% gradations instead of "analog-ish"

For battery health, I want to SET LIMIT to 75% for for daily driving. And I don't want to try counting the little bars and guessing of that really means percentage of SOC. The miles don't really matter unless I have a trip. So show both miles AND State of Charge.

Car alarm goes off (and phone app notification) if someone other than you unplugs your Tesla before a full charge.

Given the lack of charging infrastructure, stories abound of people unplugging charging Teslas to charge their own EV. Tesla owners should be able to set their car alarm (plus phone app notification) to go off if someone unplugs your Tesla before it's reached a full charge.

iPhone/Android Music Playlists to show as selectable on Tesla GUI

Currently, you can select individual songs, select by category and artist.  But it's very frustrating to not use the Gui for selecting playlists.  Sure I can do it through the phone directly, but if you're going to allow us to select songs, at least include playlists as well please!