Automatically unlock charge port when vehicle reaches target SOC

frnkblk - Sunday, August 4, 2019 - 10:26 pm

When charging at a destination charger (such as a hotel) it would be ideal if there was an option for the charge port to automatically unlock once the vehicles reaches its target state of charge (SOC).  This would allow others to use the charging cable without requiring the vehicle owner to (remotely) unlock the car, especially handy if it was 3 a.m.

This would also be convenient at home -- I shouldn't have to unlock the car that's in my garage just to pull the charging cable out.

This request should be augmented a little bit. There should be an option for the charge port to be unlocked only when the car is unlocked. For instance at the same time as the mirrors are folded out. Unlocking and stopping charging to early may lead to vampire drain and problems when preheating the car.

Chargeport unlocking could then have these options:

a) As today: Requires explicit unlocking

b) Unlock upon charging complete: Suited for hotels etc. Some vampire drain accepted.

c) Unlock upon charging complete and vehicle unlocked: Suited for home use with non-Tesla charging cable

Yes and no, as it is locked to protect the contacts and charger, to prevent the removal of a life cable. ... and anyone stealing your valuable cable.

It would be nice of it stops charging and unlocks the port for a minute or two when I unlock the car, so I won't have to go in and unlock.

Automatic release is not a good idea for 2 big reasons; It's releasing the cable from the car, allowing the other user to use your cable... and worse; YOU will pay for the electricity he will use as your charge session remains active!

I'd file this under the need for a "public charging mode" option. Very much needed, one of my biggest gripes.

Right now, the charging system is totally optimized for at-home, in-garage, bleached sterile white laboratory environments. Out in the rugged real world, outside the garage, these features cause problems. For example, when charging at a public station, once you walk away from the car, all the charging details go out - your charge port indicator goes dark, the screen turns off, everything looks dead. That's why Teslas get unplugged, not because of selfish dicks (well, sometimes), but people legit thinking you're not charging. A "public charging mode" (tagged per location, like charging amperage currently is) would leave the screen and indicators lit-up while still locking the car.

It could also unlock the port (if Tesla, but not J1772, which would expose your adapter to theft). Though they use the same pins, Tesla's wall connectors don't use J1772 signalling, so the car can indeed tell the difference between the two... if it wanted.