22kW AC on-board charger

Vita1024 - Sunday, March 14, 2021 - 2:05 pm

To give you background, I live in Prague/Czech Republic and currently don’t have my own wallbox. DC infra is growing but not exactly ubiquitous. But local utility company started putting 22kW AC chargers on trafostation and they are growing them rapidly. For first 2h they charge only for energy and after 2h there is additional fee just for occupying the connector. So, the speed of AC charge is not only important for me in financial terms but also not to waste capacity of the network and provide this service to more drivers.

If you are interested in this feature as well, I would appreciate your support, I have created petition here: http://chng.it/fR7kn5NC It takes just few seconds to sign the petition.

Thanks a lot

Same situation at my usual holiday location. Next SuC is some 80kms away, but there is a 22kW charger next to the local supermarket. It makes a significant difference for me and my family whether I charge 100kms range during each shopping and then be back to the beach or whether I have to waste another hour in front of the supermarket.

I'd definitely pay for this option.

BUT, what is the point of a petition?? I can't imaging Elon Musk cares about petitions.