360 degree surround view

karbsth - Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - 2:19 pm

 becoming almost standard for every new vehicle with cameras and so helpful when navigating in tight spaces : 360 degree surround-view as a virtually assembled picture of all cameras. 

Even a Nissan Leaf, Chevy bolt etc have it. Would be really useful with my large Model X in my tight garage for example. I miss it every day and don't get it why a few programming lines are not being implemented.... 

I'm curious how they would implement this since the cameras are not in color.

For quite some time, we have assumed that the cameras are only B&W. Then TeslaCam was activated, and we found that the feed is actually in color. So that's at least two of the cameras that are obviously in color (front and rear). I can't imagine that there's a modern camera made today that can't process color.

Our BMW X5 had side and rear view, enabled optionally. It would be great if at least that could be implemented.

We sold our Nissan Leaf when getting our new Model 3. Nissan's "bird's eye view" feature was absolutely brilliant, and we miss it badly. The new wheels in our Model 3 look like they've been through a war due to curb rash, because we can't see the curb while parallel parking. This seems like an easy thing for Tesla to have implemented with the existing hardware. I don't care if the video is in black and white.

I think there may be a patent restricting 360 degree surround-view. In this case 180 degree view would also be very helpful. When the car is reversing the back 180 degrees could be shown. Moving forward in a parking situation the forward 180 degrees could be shown.