No thank you. When I drive in the southern European countries, I often-times have to roll down my window for toll booths and the likes. Outside temperature is averaging around 35+ degrees Celcius (around 100 degrees Fahrenheit), with even higher asphalt temperatures. I wouldn't want the A/C to be switched off every time I roll down the window.

Although energy- and eco-friendly, that doesn't seem to be a very user-centered to me.

Adding as an option it would be nice (not permanent feature though). I see your point. I have to remember to turn off AC every time I open window as all the cold is lost in process.

I agree with pauliusvin: optional.

If its hot outside, I love feeling the warm wind next to me, but having comfortable temperature conditions in the rest of the car, anyway.

A waste of power, I know, but an increase of pleasure.