Adaptive Cruise control option to disable

In our Right Hand Drive country (New Zealand), in most vehicles the right steering wheel stalk controls the indicators. Tesla uses a LHD stalk arrangement. I have four vehicles, two being like the Tesla and two being normal RHD stalk arrangement for this country. Sometimes in the Tesla I accidentally use the right stalk when turning right which activates the Adaptive Cruise Control and the car will accelerate, sometimes alarmingly. This is potentially dangerous.  The car response is variable depending on the circumstances but occassionally I have been concerned, the magnitude of this concern can be appreciated as I am used to driving at up to 200kph on gravel roads in competitive motorsport. 

If there was a software switch setting to set the adaptive cruise control to the car's current speed and NOT the speed limit this would avoid this problem. It would also avoid the problem where the maximum speed on the Tesla (GPS determined) is well above the posted maximum speed as happens for about 1/3rd of my daily commute. (the software update to read speed from signs has not arrived)