Add "A/C options" (dog mode, A/C on/off) to pop-up park menu

dickyj - Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 7:29 pm

The current implementation for enabling 'dog mode' or 'A/C on-mode' is, after you've put the car in park and the pop-up park menu shows up, you have to enter the A/C screen (press the fan icon). To open any other door than your own, you have to re-enter the car menu to do so, as putting the car in drive and then back in park (showing the pop-up park menu) switches off the 'dog mode' or 'A/C on-mode'.

Adding the fan icon to the pop-up park menu, leading you to these options, would be awesome, with a "close window"-cross on top to return to the pop-up menu for door operation.