Add advanced navigation options

dickyj - Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 7:22 pm

The current in-car navigation is triggered to charge during a trip if it detects you might not reach your destination. I'm not fully aware of the parameters used, but it seems only average consumption is a factor in trip calculation.

When navigating over longer distances in particular, or when driving to a destination without any quick charging facilities, one might want this to be a bit more tailored towards usability of the car AFTER reaching your destination. This might include the need for adding more parameters to the calculation (as is done with the more advanced trip planner Advanced features that might help you do that, are to have the option to:

  • set your goal arrival charge % - user experience-wise this might be a standard pop-up slider upon starting the navigation ("Would you like to set an arrival charge %?"
  • add your reference speed percentage (e.g. 110% of the indicated speed limit is not strange for a lot of drivers) (or draw this from the driving info the car collects)
  • add your max speed (some drivers tend to never cross 60mph/100kph, but I regularly enter the German Autobahn...)
  • set the average outside temperature (or draw these from an open source API elsewhere)
  • set wind conditions (or draw these from an open source API elsewhere)
  • enter cargo weight (or draw this from the car info, if somehow possible)