Add AP braking description

dickyj - Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 7:43 pm

One of the more 'obscure elements' of autonomous driving is that the car sometimes behaves erroneously. Of such erratic behavior, phantom braking is my most common cause for irritable feelings towards using Autopilot, especially when that happens for no apparent reason (but sometimes causing noticeable annoyed drives behind you). 

As Tesla already uses multi-line descriptions for some notices (especially the one telling you that you've overstepped the AP speed limit, and AP is disabled for the rest of the trip), how complex would it be to add a one or two-word braking descriptor? As we've seen from quite some YouTube clips now, the vehicle detects an ever growing array of elements on the road. "Vehicle detected", "Crossing pedestrian detected" or "Unknown obstacle detected".

It might even be helpful when reporting erroneous behavior to Tesla through error reports.

More low-tech drivers preferring a non-obtrusive driving experience might not feel this option adds anything to their experience, so an on/off settings switch would be nice.