Add in-app pre-heater and charging timer(s)

dickyj - Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 8:01 am

Let me be short and decisive: the current implementation of a 'learning' climate control is utterly useless. More often than not it does NOT heat or cool when it should. Combine that with the fact that I can't fit a flexible charging schedule, and the editor is in the charging screen only, so it only shows up AFTER I've connected the charger (hello, Tesla, I'm already OUTSIDE!).

Why would one want an editable timer for pre-heating? I am a free-lancer. My schedule to visit clients sometimes varies, at other times it is quite consistent during the week - depending on the job. I don't want my car to have somehow figured out it should pre-heat when it should not, and the other way around. That happens far too often now.

Why would one want an editable timer for charging? Over here in The Netherlands, we buy electricity either for a flat-rate or for a variable rate. The variable rate has a slightly higher day-rate, but a significant lower night rate. That rate starts at 23:00 and ends at 07:00. I want to leave my car connected to the charger when I arrive home, say at 7pm, but don't want it to start charging until the night rate is applicable. The night rate applies to the entire weekend (starting Friday at 23:00 and ending on Monday at 07:00). That would imply two different charging timers: one that applies to working days, 

Simple additions to the Tesla app and car functionality:

  • Add an editor for pre-heating timers to the app and car UI (starting or stopping overrides the timer - functionality already in the app)
  • Add an editor for charging timers tot the app and car UI 
  • Add a possibility to override the charging timer (manually start or stop charging)