Add Event Base Settings

JStats - Monday, September 16, 2019 - 9:20 am

Instead of having random modes to try to fit into everyone's lifestyles, such as Dog Mode or Romance Mode try creating an event base settings similar to IFTTT or Apple Shortcuts where a given event happens such as parking at a location other than your home or work. Then something happens. For example, there could be an event where, during the winter months, the mirror folds are disabled.

Having the customer create the different modes that fit their lifestyle will help free up engineers time to work more essential parts of the software. With the current modes, already in uses, those can be turned into event base settings to give the customers a starting position to update them to how they would like to be. Also, move them into a central location to help find which them in an increasing number of those modes. 

Those types of settings should be shareable so that the community can creating their settings for their part of the world. Furthermore, given customers not needing to ask Tesla to create them for them and hoping it will be in the next release.