Add option to prevent overwriting selected speed

R.Reg - Sunday, June 6, 2021 - 5:10 pm

Sad enough that there is no simple cruise control available it happens more and more that the thing that is available makes speed changes by some logic that might sound good for someone spending his whole life behind a computer screen but not for people driving real cars on real streets!

So please if you cannot be convinced to provide proper working technology from the 1970s please give at least the option to prevent speed control from overruling my manual selection.

If speed is lower, it is only annoying and waste of energy for regaining the regular speed I had selected before. If speed is higher this can even be dangerous!

And no, I do not care about what speed other tesla-drivers drive at this particular place!

Example 1: Construction zone on motorway - regular speed limit (80) is replaced by a temporal speed limit (60) with strict control. Coming from town (50) I change my speed selection from 50 to 60 and WHILE(!) I am doing this car is overwriting my selection with 80!

Example 2: Highway crossing area - speed limit 50, litterally nobody cares about it. I change the selected speed to 55, seconds later car changes it to 60.

Example 3: Highway crossing area (another one) with a 270° turn - speed limit is 50 and it works perfectly with this speed. Car changes speed to 40.