Add optional center display 'night shift'

dickyj - Tuesday, April 2, 2019 - 3:10 pm

Ever got annoyed by the bright blue-white light coming from the center display?

Don't get me wrong: visibility of the center display is awesome. During the day, it's color tone and brightness make sure it is always visible, even in very bright sunlight. But a lot of times at night, it is just absolutely overblown. Often times I whish i was able to switch off the display without losing control over so many vital functions of the car. Tuning down the brightness helps a tad, but it doesn't really make it any more relaxed to look at, as it shines a bright blue'ish white through the entire car. The display just feels 'too much', out of place. 

How great would it be to tune the screen to your surroundings? Apple devices have this already. A color shift that can even be tuned to your liking (and the generally used color for streetlights). I have the following idea:

  • Add on/off switch for 'night shift' (f.lux)
  • Add slider for color change color
  • Add slider for color change intensity (e.g. from yellow/red tones to more deeper red tones) - or use a few presets
  • Add option time on / time off 'from dusk till dawn'
  • Add custom timer time on / time off

On phone or computer it makes sense to reduce blue to prepare you for sleep. I guess You see my point here

I understand, but over where I live, there is no street light that is more blinding than my own Tesla main screen. And the tint of streetlights is definitely not 6500K white. Catch my drift? The headlights should be more than enough true-white to see outside, and you should DEFINITELY not need a (blinding) light inside the car to keep you awake during a drive. That would be a serious safety concern.

Extreme Night Mode: Red fonts, mostly black screen, optional map

Agree, optional map. I know where I'm going and use google maps on my phone for traffic. Also, the phone is blue light reduction capable and has weather. So don't need that on the M3 control. 

Better - optional map + blue filter, and turn off screen to the right of speedo.