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imb0r3d - Friday, September 3, 2021 - 1:58 pm

I had a very odd experience that I think can be improved on. I was about 300 miles from my destination when u reached a supercharger.  

By default it wanted me to charge up to 50% and routed me to the next charger about 40 miles away - as my last charge before my destination.

Instead - i opted to spend an extra 20 minutes at the charger to get up to 80% and figured I'd get routed to a further charger that's closer to my destination. 

Nope... It routed me to the same one 40 miles away to charge up to 80 again...even after i reset the route.

I had to manually route myself to the charger i wanted to get to and then from there route to my destination.

I just found it annoying and thought that the car could do better than this..