Add universal tablet mount accessory

dickyj - Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 8:01 pm

Tesla builds cars. Cars are driven by grown-ups. Often times, grown-ups are part of a family. That family might even include children. More often than not, these children are seated in the passenger row, right behind the driver row. Now if, for argument sake, the aforementioned grown-ups decide to undertake a road trip to ANY destination that requires one hour or more of driving AND take with them their children, that journey REQUIRES diversion. Given current day and age, it is IMPERATIVE that that diversion comes in the form of a tablet (believe me, I am a father of two - almost three - and ALL of my previous cars were equipped with this feature since the youngest turned two. It is either that, or just leave the children home alone. True story. But since I do not fancy regular visits from child protection services, I usually tend to take them with me...)

Now, there is no Tesla OEM option to equip your car with a tablet mount. Almost none of the (somewhat affordable) aftermarket mounts even comes close to nicely fitting the non-standard curved Tesla seats. The only real option here comes from a dutch supplier, InCarBite ( Their solution is awesome (as you can slide in any fitting tablet cover, and the cover is well-built) and looks as if it was truely OEM, but fitting it would require me to drill in the seat back covers - thus breaking my leasing agreement.

Please, Tesla, why can't this be an OEM option?