Apple Watch as Key

I would like to request being able to register my Apple Watch as a Car Key for the Tesla.

Routinely, I will leave my phone on the Nomad wireless charging pad in the car while I drive. It's safe there, won't go flying since it's secured, and I need the extra charge for my iPhone. However, I have ON MULTIPLE occasions left my phone there and go into work/home/errands. And thus it becomes a safety issue where I leave the car key with the car. *facepalm*. 

I however NEVER leave the house without my Apple Watch and the days I go running on the trail, I'd like to leave my car nothing but my AirPods and my Apple Watch LTE for music and emergency phone calls/texts.

An app for the Apple Watch would also be DOPE. 

Add to that support for FitBit's and Wear OS by Google Smartwatches.