Audible blind spot warning on blinker activation

ftlum - Wednesday, February 10, 2021 - 8:34 am

It’d help to have the blinker make a slightly different sound when there’s a car in the blind spot.  This would give advanced warning compared to what is currently present (imminent crash warning), without being annoying. 

The problem on the 3 is that a person doesn’t look at the touchscreen when changing lanes. They look at the side mirrors and ideally the blind spot warning  light should be in the side mirrors like other cars.  The audible blind spot warning is the next best thing to a hardware fix. Even putting the side camera picture on the touchscreen isn’t a great solution since again, you don’t look at the touchscreen when changing lanes. 

Teslas have a lot of safety features that they tout, but most are for after you get into an accident. Having more safety features to prevent an accident in the first place would be nice.