Auto air recirculation in tunnels

einarnot - Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - 7:39 am

I live in Norway, and we have a lot of tunnels. And when entering a tunnel, I would like air recirculation to turn on.

The camera-system should be able to detect driving into a tunnel, and turn on recirculation, and then turn it off again when leaving the tunnel.

This should be able to toggle with a switch, so people can decide if they want it or not.

I would add that the windows should roll up at the same time, if they are open.

This has been implemented in other brands (Mercedes-Benz, for one). In MB the sun roof also closes (may not apply to a Tesla, obviously). It is called exactly "the tunnel mode".

This feature would be useful not only in tunnels, but when entering dusty areas (e.g. near construction sites) or sudden rain.