Autopilot activation without the centering jolt.

chuckd - Friday, January 3, 2020 - 1:13 pm

I believe having autopilot center itself to the lane a bit more gradually upon activation will help its adoption by new and imperfect drivers.  Whenever I activate autopilot, it jolts to the center of the lane, literally jarring everyone in the car.  My wife who is even more of a curb hugger than I am, often grabs the steering wheel so hard when this happens that it cancels autopilot. This makes her hesitant to use it.

Simply center yourself in the lane before activating it... I never experience a jolt myself except for reasons I can figure out when it happens, learn from it, and then know when to activate it in the future. My own driving adapts to be more like Autopilot's, really... centered in the lane properly, smooth, and following the lane lines properly (no early cut-overs or crossing solid lines). I just think this takes adjustment, and that AP has actually gotten quite a bit smoother (less jolty) with new updates.