Autopilot: add "manage space cushions" function with aggressiveness settings

Anohan - Monday, October 12, 2020 - 6:25 pm

It is state law (Oregon) to keep space cushions around all vehicles at all times. Granted, this is not technically possible to do 100% of the time; but it does lead us to try to maintain more optimally safe positioning around vehicles. It would be great if Autopilot could have a toggle for "space cushioning." This toggle might have multiple settings, depending on aggressiveness, for adjusting the car's position relative to all the vehicles around it. The feature might give greater weight to giving semi trucks more space cushioning than smaller vehicles. Autopilot can generate realtime profiles of each vehicle around it, like humans do, to decide on which cars or trucks make the most sense for maintaining a proper space cushion with. For the less aggressive setting, Autopilot can slightly and slowly adjust its position relative to the cars near it; under a more aggressive setting, Autopilot can focus on tracking and keeping a tighter pace with, allowing for a more proper execution of space cushioning.