Basic informations (lost at last update)

R.Reg - Friday, May 27, 2022 - 2:20 pm

After my first trip with the new software update I am very angry:

Basic informations about the trip are no longer available:

  1. How long am I driving? (security-issue to plan necessary rests)
  2. How far am I driving? (good to know, every bicicle in my childhood was able to give this information, but Tesla fails)
  3. How much energy am I using? (absolutely necessary to plan stops for charging)

The display that existed (and annoyingly sometimes disappeared) surely was not the best (little information, automatic reset everytime I left car even if it was only for seconds, ...), but not having any of this information visible is like a flashback to the cars of the 1920s.

PS: To all the people that are going to remark things like "advanced technology" or "you have this on the screen with only 3/4/5 cliks" - the new trip-display is useless for this, when I am driving I do not have the time to search for information on a screen. Like many other software issues in the car this might be a good idea for someone sitting behind the screen and doing simulations, but it is definitely not for driving. But anyway, feel free to klick "-", I am already counting the days until I can get rid of this car!


PS: After more trips (and first charging procedure) with the new update, I am thinking about considering the software-update as a damage done to the car ...