The current rear view camera is pretty wide angled and shows cars that are directly in your blindspot, as noticed when you push the camera button while driving and observe a car on the screen next to your car but look in the side mirror and it is in the blind spot. 

When using a turn signal, it should automatically activate the rear view (and in the future the side) cameras so you can see exactly what is in your blind spot or what you are changing lanes or turning into.  It would be nice if it only pulled the camera onto half of the screen so you can still see navigation, but even if it was the whole screen, just while the blinker is on, that would be great. It could be closed out by turning off the blinker or pressing the X close button on the camera window on the screen. 

This feature is similar to Hondas current right hand camera that is activated when turning the turn signal to the right. 

Yes - USE SIDE camera - rear camera is too distorted to give added value.

I would swear that when I had my T3 demo late October, that I briefly saw the 360 camera view for a few seconds.

This is an NVIDIA capability, which I haven't seen offered by Tesla.

I like to have a computer-rendered top view of the car. Many other Car sellers does this nicely. I think with 6 cameras, that would not be that difficult to digitally render the top view with environment.