Bring Back Ability to Disable Air Conditioner In Auto Climate Mode

marcdcmb - Saturday, February 9, 2019 - 10:23 am

Ignoring the need for the air conditioner to decrease humidity under certain conditions, I almost never want it running except during the hottest (or most humid) days. In most cases the outside ambient temperature is low enough that pulling in fresh air will cool my car comfortably.

I really dislike getting into my car after it's been in the sun for a while and having the air conditioner blast arctic, frigid air to pull the temperature down rapidly when it's 68 degrees outside. But I do want my climate maintained at a certain temperature. It was ideal when I could just turn off the air conditioner. If the climate control starts blowing the fans on maximum trying to cool the car, then it's up to me to turn the air conditioner back on (which I would gladly do when that happens).