Build sun visors to be mobile enough to cover any portion of upper-half of side windows

Anohan - Monday, October 12, 2020 - 5:45 pm

The current sun visors for the 2020 Model X are nice and versatile. However, they cannot cover the back 25% of the driver's side window. Also they only fold down a small amount leaving about half of the driver's side lower window exposed to the driver. These limitations make for dangerous driving conditions when the sun is not very high: late mornings and all of afternoons. If future sun visors could incorporate an extensible rod, like what other automakers use, that would be great. Also, if these visors could have an additional 4 inches of unfolding, that, too would be great. Same thing goes for the passenger side sun visor. (We are using Musicar Northwest to create customizations to address these issues; they have created a perfect extra-unfolding magnetic flap; but the extensible rod situation may prove too difficult to solve.)