Day Time Running Tail Lights

In Tesla’s today, the day time running lights turn on the headlights but not the tail lights, thus only providing additional visibility for oncoming vehicles and pedestrians.  By also turning on tail lights, Tesla’s would have improved visibility from behind during the day but more importantly when there's rain, snow or fog during the day.  

Tesla believes claims it has the safest cars in the world and incorporating day time running tail lights would only strengthen this argument.  But by not having day time tail lights, other manufacturers such as Mercedes and Saab can claim that today they have enhanced safety features.

It is also important to note that day time running tail lights will be a requirement for all cars in Canada in 2021.  Based on all of these facts, I believe that Tesla should update their entire fleet with this feature as soon as possible.   

I think in Europe it does. As having temporarily no Tesla, I can't verify.