Disable alarms when driver already reacted

R.Reg - Tuesday, February 9, 2021 - 11:01 am

It happens quite often that in a dangerous situation caused by some bad behaviour of other drivers or pedestrians in traffic I hit the brake or use the steering wheel to avoid it, and then, just in the second I passed the danger-zone, car starts to make noise or even hits the brake!

In these moments (as it is in all moments when car is in motion) it is a bad idea to distract drivers attention from the street to the screen. (But I don't want to mention that some "security"-features need radical overthinking, this would be too much for this topic).

When driver already reacted, the car should keep quiet and AI should start thinking about why it didn't recognize the situation early enough.

(Personal note: For me it is a scary thought to think about the fact that some people might drive around in cars with autopilot in this state of development.)