Display Brightness - quicker automatic mode

In Switzerland (because there are a lot of mountains) there are a lot of tunnels. (really many)

There are sections of route’s, where you can drive in and out of the tunnels 15-20 times within 10 km. (in 6-7 miles)
It would be important if the display brightness adjusted quickly. (sunshine / darkness / sunshine / darkness, etc ...)

Unfortunately, it takes an eternity in Tesla to switch from bright (100%) to 20% in automatic mode.
Until then, you usually drive out of the tunnel again and then you don't see anything on the display in the sunshine, because it takes a long time again to get the display brighter. (...and then the next tunnel comes again, and so on…)

When entering the tunnel, the screen is dazzling for a long time, or if you driving out you see nothing for a long time when the sun is shining and the screen is still dark. (and you may miss navigation tips or other things)

In some cases this can even be dangerous.

For other car brands (we also have a BMW i3), this works flawlessly, the screen brightness adjusts within 50-100 m drive distance. (in seconds)

I think Tesla can do that too. (or even better)

Can you take that into in your next update? It will be great!

Definitely for MX, i have no idea how it works (or not) in MS, M3 or MY, but i think, same "issue"