Dynamic manual or automatic Speed Limiter w/o TACC

Tesla needs to implement a feature that dynamically allows the setting of a temporary speed limit. A feature often found on European, but sadly almost never found on American cars.

As per the description of Volvo:

"A speed limiter (SL) can be likened to a reverse cruise control - the driver regulates the speed using the accelerator pedal but is prevented from accidentally exceeding a pre-selected/set maximum speed by the speed limiter."


In addition there is:

"The Automatic Speed Limiter (ASL) function helps the driver to adapt the car's maximum speed to the speed shown on the road signs."


It is intended NOT to be a permanent setting to prevent your kids or yourself from going faster than, say 200km/h. But a dynamic one. 

You drive in the city, set it to 50km/h and never ever have to look at how fast you're driving. Can always go full speed, but never exceed the speed limit, but still stay in control, rather than the car like with TACC. 

You reach a speed reduced area... you dial down to 30km/h... again you're safe. 


Europe is full of speed cams... and even my Renault Zoe has this feature. I never drive without it. And never have to worry to be faster than the posted speed limit. If this is not implemented in the Model 3, this one feature alone would push me to rather buy a Polestar, as driving with having to constantly look at your current speed... and going slightly up and down is a complete no-go for me. 




Absolutely yes. It's amazing how many other Tesla drivers think this is not a good idea.

It would be even better if there was an option to have this set automatically by SatNav, although that would need overrides based on things like temporary roadworks or dynamic speed limits. And also the thing where it slows down in advance of a reduced limit.

However, I don't think we'll ever see this in a Tesla as it kind of undermines AutoPilot (which I still don't trust enough when I have passengers or are in town).

Indeed, that would be super useful and should rather simple to implement... really surprised that Tesla doesn't offer it already

@the two people above me...

I actually did pre-order a Polestar 2 now. I'd still rather have a Model 3, but this remains a complete no-go.

The other day I had to drive a rental car thru a couple different cities and on the highway. The car did ALSO not have a speed limiter. The highway parts were fine (here TACC would have worked too!). 

The city parts, however… in a one hour drive I encountered like 20 (!) speed cameras, and speed limits switching between 30/50km/h constantly. For someone used to setting a speed limit in the car and never worry about it this was an absolute nightmare. TACC would also not have worked in town, not the way these streets were flowing.

Yes, I was looking for that too. I live a Dutch city with many of those speedcams at a lot of traffic lights and they like to remind you that you drove a few km/h too fast for 30 to 60 euros :-(

All my previous oil based European cars from the last 2 decades had that feature. It is a very valuable feature that should not take more coding than a box of beer and 2 pizza's.

It should be easy to set at some prefixed speeds. For Netherlands something like 30/50/70/80 would be great.

I like to drive trough the city myself and not worry to much about all those speedcams. Not having this feature takes city trips back to the 90s.