Emergency App feature to remotely allow driver without key or phone

cpgbenso - Thursday, July 29, 2021 - 1:53 pm

Tesla App or website has feature for granting emergency privileges to drive the car even if there is no phone or key fob present.  If you lose your phone or run out of battery, your spouse can remotely enable the car to be driven so you can get home.  As other feature requests have mentioned, this could be paired with the cameras for added security or facial recognition.

Twice now my model 3 has left me stranded:
- I got in vehicle and drove away without my phone or the key in my pocket.  My son was standing close enough to the vehicle with his phone that it allowed me to get in and drive away.  When I got to my destination I stepped out of the car and realized I had no phone, but it was too late.  As soon as the car had shifted from Drive to Park I was totally stranded and had to walk an hour back home on a very hot day.   The car should have also warned me as soon as I was out of range of his phone as I was driving away or at least barked at me when I tried to put it in park that no phone/key was present and ask if I was sure I wanted to put it in park.
- While at work my car performed a software update that cause my Tesla App to lose it's pairing with the car and the car wanted the key.  So I had to get someone to drive to my house to get the key then drive another hour back to my office with the key. 


At first glace a great feature.

But I'm still wondering whether this could be a potential target for hackers.
Today there is (probably) simply no API port existing for driving without on site legitimation. No port -> no misuse.

So only +0,5 from my side.

This is a feature already.

Have the remote user with the tesla app click "unlock" then press "start" under controls. Drive home.