Enable TA when playing music by another source

R.Reg - Saturday, May 23, 2020 - 2:23 pm

Unlike other cars, my new Tesla is not able to interrupt music played from another source for traffic reports by local radio stations. (If I am not "incepted" by my own childhood-memories I think even mums old Nissan was stopping the audio cassettes for messages like "there's a vehicle driving in the wrong direction on the A9 motorway ...")

Maybe the navigation system does a lot of this (having the car not long enough to be able to tell) but I would like to have the warnings by the radio stations anyway.


Edit: Just spent half of last weeks sunday afternoon in a traffic-jam on the motorway because I missed the information radio stations were providing. And, by the way, radio stations are still the fastest alarm-system if drivers are going into the wrong direction. I would consider this request very urgent.

PS: Can´t tell if it is the same for other models.