Engage Autosteer by default when pressing stalk down only 1 time. If its not available then Queue autopilot request to engage when it is available.

99.9% of the time I want to enable autopilot with autosteer when doing the 2 downpresses of the control stalk on the steering wheel. I do not care for the cruise control function only after 1 downpress. If I can't get both cruise and autosteer at the same time then I'd rather not have anything / the system should queue the autopilot engagement request in the system.

These are 70% of the time the 1st press down will engage adaptive cruise control and 70% of the time the 2nd press will engage autosteer / autopilot.

Sometimes I get in a bad loop where it fails to engage and I can't attempt to restart for like 10 seconds.

Can we please make the default 1st press down just engage full autopilot with autosteer? And if for some reason the autopilot icon goes away just before we press the stalk down can the software Queue the autopilot request so the system knows you want to engage autopilot mode instead of fighting it where the icon shows up and goes away and if autopilot can't engage after 5 to 10 seconds then the system can abort the autopilot attempt.