Find a destination within current route

It would be nice to be able to find a destination within your current route without cancelling your current trip. Example: You are driving from Orlando to Tampa, and halfway there you decide you want some coffee. Currently you have to cancel your trip to search and then once you get coffee, search for your original destination. But imagine if you could just do a search for coffee while you're on your trip, add that as a pit stop, and then continue on your way.

Maybe I need to start a new one... but maybe my thought is not different enough... I want to plan multiple stops for one route so I can see how long it is, and the expected total travel time. My trips almost always have multiple destinations (pick up daughter from school, go out to dinner, arrive at friend's house, drive home, etc)

We would also love to see nearby public chargers / Superchargers and parking spaces. Especially finding public parking spaces in unknown areas would be very handy.

Wish we had the option to use Android auto. Wish we had traffic visualization on map if connected to phones hotspot.