Give the possibility back to stay connected to a WiFi during driving

sacha81 - Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 4:41 am

Currently it's a "feature" that as soon you shift from gear "P" to "D" or "R" that the Wifi disconnects. This make sense the the car switch to 3G/LTE GSM connection to avoid an interrupt of connectivity as soon driving out of the range of the Home Wifi. 

But there are scenarios where the car is connected to a Mobile Hotspot and a disconnect is not what the driver want to have ... so please TESLA make it as an Option to have persistent Wifi connection which ignores the gear shift. 

This was working in earlier day's when car was connected to Wifi during the Car is in "D". 


Use Cases:
- Local 3G/LTE provider has an issue and Personal Hostpot is available with an other GSM Provider. 
- Car has only 3G, personal Hotspot is LTE and in an area only LTE is available. 

This should be implementert now, since Tesla now requires premium subscription for non wifi usage.