Hand gestures for common functions

The UX to find/manipulate settings while driving a model 3 is pretty painful, distracting, and borderline dangerous. If I want to turn the volume up, I have to carefully point my fat fingers to a 5mm x 5mm square on the tablet at the risk of driving off the lane. Sure I could use the toggle on the steering wheel. Sure I could be driving on autopilot so I don't get distracted. But hopefully you get the point? It's absolutely frustrating to click on menus and submenus to get to common settings.

I would love to see hand gesture controlling common functions such as turn on/off A/C, temperature up/down, volume up/down, song prev/next, like/dislike song, etc. My right hand on the arm rest is perfectly positioned to provide one-hand gestures that the cabin camera can convert to controls.

the good thing is - I can understand your problem. I would give the example of switching the ac to tunnel-mode (not using air from outside) and then back. You have to open a menu, find the button on the screen, touch it and see if it reacted or not....)

the bad news about your request: hand gestures are not the solution for your problem. some switches will be needed ...