jflund - Saturday, October 16, 2021 - 1:05 am

It would be amazing to have IFTTT integration (or similar) in the car. That would open up an entire new world of customization for those so inclined.


it should provide access to variables the Tesla already keeps track of, such as Battery Level, wiper fluid level, whether or not a phone is present in the charge my dock, the current driver, the number and locations on of passengers… or events like  when door handle is lifted while locked, when Sentry Mode is activated, there is a glass break sound, a door opens (including which door, even trunks and glovebox), I’m being tailgated I trigger a safety violation (hard stopping, sharp turning, etc), etc, etc, etc,etc…

The That options could include displaying a Message, Warning, or Error onscreen, or playing a sound inside or outside the Tesla (with cautions to prevent dangerous sounds playing outside the car while driving), set steering mode, braking mode, etc. (not while driving), close trunk, honk horn, set headlights to high/low beam, etc, etc, etc.

Then some of the standard Tesla actions could be implemented as IFTTT rules allowing limited changes to how they work, such as changing the sound used to warn about seatbelts not being worn to a limited list of alternatives for example. And whole new actions would be possible like “When it’s 10 min prior to my departure time for work (based on my Outlook schedule) preheat/cool toe car interior, or pre-condition the battery. You could include a bunch of sample IFTTT rules that users could easily add and modify (like warn if I open my door and there is a phone on the charger).  In fact, many of the feature requests in this site could be implemented as IFTTT samples not only giving users optional access to them, but allowing them to make modifications within reason. Many actions could be limited by the car’s speed or require the car be in Park to occur, but it would be fairly simple to enforce safety by limiting what the user can do and when  

this feature could open a world of customization to Teslas and do as safely if properly implemented  

I would just hope people at regulatory agencies wouldn’t nix it just because. Starting with a very limited set of actions (like showing messages when the car is in park if other criteria are met) or doing things behind the scene that don’t affect driving (like sending a text message) could go a long way to giving people many of the things they are asking for on this forum, and could be expanded in the future once people understand the power and safety of such a feature.