Implement Home Zone (voice navigation mutes until you leave a specified radius from home)

I love the voice prompts that accompany navigation and I like to use them when going somewhere new.    But i don't need them to tell me how to get out of my neighborhood or how to get to the freeway.  I find the constant unnecessary interruptions quite annoying.

I would love to set a "Home Zone" of say... 5 miles.

At home i enter my destination address. 

Maybe i hear a very high-level instruction, or nothing at all.  "Get on I-5 north"

Once I'm out of that 5 mile radius, the detailed nav prompts kick in.


Right, because I tend to leave on navigation locally just for re-routing in case there's a traffic jam.

What if they kept your idea for sparse prompts, but tweaked it so that it would speak up if there's a re-route?