Keep Full Regen: Use excess for battery heat.

WebX - Saturday, December 25, 2021 - 12:26 am

A cold battery can't accept as much power without risking damage. However, does this need to affect the driver experience?

The way I see it, if full regen is 50kW, and you are restricted to 35kW in the cold, then shouldn't they be able to dump an extra 15kW into the resistive heater or stators?

This way, you get to keep full regen, AND the battery doesn't need to accept the full power, AND it can speed up the heating process. Without this, you more often use the brakes and just turn it into useless brake rotor heat.

Main caveat I can see would be if the motor cooling system or resistive heater can't accept that much energy that quickly. But if the system could take it, it could probably be done via software.