Learn the language of a place and pronounce it accordingly.

I live in a country with 3 language "zones" (Americans: Think of Canada with english and french parts). It's just so emberassing to hear the navigation system saying "lachaudefonds" when it should say "La Sho dfon" - and street names are even worse.

All it needs is someone making language borders on a map and switch the pronounciation. Can be done in a day for concerned countries.

Oh no, that's the only kind of humor this car has ...

When driving to the highway to Vienna ("Wien") it says "Richtung Wiehen"

Some streets are named after people with doctor-title in their names, it alway says "drrr"

Tesla Supercharger in Kapfenberg is in "Werk - Sechs - Straße" - Navigation says "werk fii strasse".