Lock first trip meter (or uneditable lifetime trip meter)

McHoffa - Friday, August 24, 2018 - 11:23 am

I have my first trip meter (Trip A) changed to Lifetime so that I can keep track of my usage over time. But I worry that I or someone else might accidentally reset that trip meter. It would be nice if I could either lock that one or just have one built in that you cannot edit/reset for lifetime usage.

I vote for additional lifetime reading. I'd still like two trip meters. Just add the energy use the odometer screen. Done.

I know most of us are using one of the trip meters to track the overall energy consumption. It would make sense to just add the overall consumtion to the overall odometer :)

Just got FSD computer installed in March 2020 and it wiped all of my settings, including my lifetime trip meter :(