NOA: Use Autopilot stalk to confirm lane change to circumvent UN/ECE R79

Since 2019.16.x the lance change assist aborts if it cannot change lanes within 5 seconds due to Tesla conforming to UN/ECE R79 which states that a driving assist feature should not blink very long.

This makes the Navigate on Autopilot feature in combination with Lane Change Confirmations/Assist pretty useless on (Dutch) highways with moderate/regular traffic.

It would be better is you could PULL the Autopilot stalk once to confirm the lane change. This way, after confirmation, Autopilot should NOT use the blinker but use its 360 view to wait for the appropriate moment to change lanes and when there is a gap to then blink and move within 5 seconds.

On the Model 3 confirmation could be done by tapping the right stalk once, set the car in D which it already is.