One time scheduled departure

cristush - Friday, December 17, 2021 - 1:59 pm

When activating the scheduled departure,  the car preconditions the battery and cockpit every day at the specified time of day, until you deactivate the option. 

As these days some of us work from home and don't drive daily to the job, we should have the option to precondition the car as a one time only activation, instead of every day.

That is because sometimes we precondition the car for a trip today, but we forget to deactivate the scheduled departure and tomorrow, at the same hour: minute,  the car starts preconditioning again, even if we don't need to take it on a new trip.

So, this means wasted energy for the un-necessary preconditioning. Until we notice this and deactivate the option we may lose some pretty good percents of the battery and for nothing ...

Agree. Retired and don't leave the same time every day. Need a one time option.