Opt-out-option for some "smart" features

R.Reg - Friday, August 6, 2021 - 6:50 pm

There are several things that the car does automatically, I imagine beacause someone thought this would be a good idea, and that someone was so much convinced about this, that there are no options to change this ...

(1) Reducing volume when opening the door

Everytime I open the door the car will reduce the volume of the music. I hate it! Usually there is more noise outside my car than inside, so if changing the volume I would rise it in this situation. I must admit that I have no idea what this feature should be good for, but anyway there is no reason to assume that it would be good for everyone. So why not make a audio-settings screen where you can opt out of this feature.

(2) Switching off audio when driver seat is empty

Cars driven by battery need charging, sometimes you need a rest during a longer ride or (at least in the rest of the world outside the US) you just want to smoke a cigarette. If you want to continue listening to your music or don't want to miss a radio program during charging or resting, you have to do the following thing: open the window of the driver's door, stand behind the open driver's door and almost close it, now bow through the open window and push strongly on the driver's seat while closing the door with your hips or knees. Then you can start your break and continue listening if you are not disturbed by the laughter of other people that have been watching you. There must be better solutions like a) keep the audio system on until car is locked or b) add an option to keep it on when needed to the screen when in parking position.

(3) again (my personal ceterum censeo): traffic alert

Add the option to get traffic news from the local radio stations pausing your music and continuing it afterwards. This is some 80's technology that even my parent's old car had, it was able to pause the tapes for the traffic news and then continued playing it. Even avoiding the looks of people when they hear that my car is unable to do this would be a promotional gain for Tesla. I have no idea, maybe the constructors expect tesla drivers to figure out traffic problems by the red and orange lines on the screen? Doing so would only make you become the reason for the next traffic jam.

Even if I disagree with your example 1 and 2, I agree with your over-all idea.  Ad 1: It's hard for me to imagine a reason to drown out the ambient noise with my radio when leaving the car. I like this feature as I mostly leave my car in a silent ambient, at home as well as in covered/underground car parks.