Option to auto adjust Cruise control speed (Autopilot) to speed limit

Would LOVE the option to auto adjust Autopilot (Cruise control) speed to speed limit.

Our local cops & speed camera's are relentless would love the option of setting this to speed settings (understand there are errors  - so still need to be vigilant!), but would make travel easier byy not havin to constantly adjust when  speed changes

Meantime, why not just press the speed limit sign on the MCU? With the offset at zero, you're instantly set to the speed limit. . . .

Just tap the speed limit icon on the screen. It's not a very "discoverable" feature, but that does indeed do it.

AP automatically slows down to the speed limit in many cases, but in my experience it's unpredictable when it'll slow down or (more rarely) will speed up - not sure what triggers it to follow the changing speed limit vs. keeping my current setting. It might be nice to have it more closely follow it, e.g. speed up to the new higher speed limit if I hadn't adjusted my speed setting manually during the current AP "session".

The speed limit icon does the job, but takes attention away from traffic. Can't a single pull down on the gear lever (same as engaging TACC) readjust the speed to the current speed limit? Persobnally, I often disengage+engage TACC instead of using the icon, but it is not always a smooth experience.