Pickup Service for Tesla-Owners / Ride other Tesla-Owner for fun

I often drive alone and have the emotion, that I definitely would love to pickup others. 
But "others" would mean to me - nice people, who know to appreciate that. 

So in the first build - I think easiest would be to offer the service to other Tesla-Owners. 

Should work like this: on my Tesla-cellphone-app, I enter my destination, where I like to go. 

On the other hand - as a Tesla driver, I have my destination entered in my navi. And if the destination is somehow a mach, i get a popup on my Tesla screen 

<<hey there - do you like to Pickup someone? It costs you 3min+ of your expected journe. Wanna give a ride to someone?>>

After the Transport, I shoud be able as a driver to rate the passenger. And the Passenger should rate the driver as well. 

As a driver, I should be able to choose only 4-star-rated passengers as predefined filter, if i whish so. 

And if I pickup others, i should at least earn some "points" - whatever this points are good for later. 
In early stage - we should not implemtn this for earning money. Maybe some free supercharging? ;-)

Would be a nice developement;

  • helping people
  • helping the environment
  • meeting nice people. 

As a software developer, I would love to implement it my self, but it must be done by Tesla-programmers, who have access to App and Car-Computer. 

Severin (Leuenberger)
Obfelden, Switzerland