Predictive slowing down for speed limit changes

McHoffa - Wednesday, February 6, 2019 - 9:51 am

When driving in Autopilot, and the speed limit drops, it doesn't slow down until the car has passed the speed limit sign, and when it does, it does so abruptly.

In some places, it drops and police sit just past the sign waiting for speeders. If you're going over after you pass that sign, they will pull you over.

Since the car knows the speed limit everywhere (even though it's wrong in some places), it would be cool if say 100 yards before the change, the car begins slowing gradually so that it is only going 5 over when it gets to the new speed zone. This would be much better than slamming on the brakes when it passes a sign, and would feel more like how a person drives.

I think this is  critical for AP!

When I approach my home town, the speed limit is 100 km/h and goes down to 50 km/h when entering the city. Driving with AP means, that it enters the city with 100 and recognizes the 50 about 60 meters later and slows down even too slow. 

This is not only an issue because of receiving speeding tickets, but a major safety issue. There is for example a bus stop after 70 meters and I still would have 80-90 km/h when passing it - and there are a lot of school kids...

Please fix that asap!