Replace noisy water pumps of the cooling system of the newest 2021 Model Ys and Model 3s

fablau - Saturday, September 18, 2021 - 12:09 pm

Tesla is currently using defective or low-quality water pumps for the cooling system of their latest 2021 Model Y and Model 3 model cars. Such pumps are causing a loud and continuous humming noise coming from the right-front of the car that can be heard from inside the cabin at a level of 40-50dB, no matter if the A/C is on or off.   Despite Tesla keeps stating that the noise is normal, previously produced cars don’t have this problem which affects the whole driving experience of a Tesla EV car. Most importantly, hundreds if not thousands of recent Tesla customers had test drives on previously built models that were completely quiet, and yet, they ended up getting cars that will never be completely quiet unless such components are replaced. This problem is lowering the overall quality of the vehicles by making it more difficult for owners to resell them at a later date. Learn more about this issue on the website below: Help us to push Tesla to replace the defective/low quality water pumps with the correct ones.

Are you sure previous models didn't make this noise? I know the 2021 model has a heat pump which saves energy compared to resistive heating but uses a compressor which makes noise. There's also the fact that all cooling pumps in a Tesla are electric compared to ICE engine components which use the rotation of the engine.

The final point is since there's no engine noise or exhaust you're likely to hear any of these components.