Sentry Event Deletion and Auto-deletion

Mancolt - Monday, October 5, 2020 - 8:50 am

Add the ability to batch delete sentry events from the in-car viewer. This would come in the form of a long press to unlock the option of selecting multiple events with each click (this is how it works on my Samsung phone when deleting multiple pictures quickly) and then after selecting multiple events, there would be a button to Delete Selected. Also, add a button to Delete All events currently saved.

Additionally, add a user configurable setting to automatically delete sentry events after X amount of time. X should be configurable by the user. I have a large SSD attached, but I still don't need to store any event over 1 month old. I should be able to select events that I want to exclude from this auto-delete function though, so if I set one as "Keep" it is excluded from the "auto-delete after" option.