Set Speed to current speed when activating TACC rather than speed limit

tower27 - Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - 3:45 pm

When you activate TACC to set the crusing speed, currently the cruising speed is set to the current speed limit or to the current driving speed, whichever is greater (see manual, page 67).

This is not good, it would be better to set to the lower one.


Example. You are driving at 100 km/h on a road which allows 130 - and you WANT to stay at this speed of 100. Now you activate the TACC and the car accelerates to 130 and you have to scoll down the speed-wheel multiple times. 


Even worse is this behaviou on german autobahns, because of the absence of speed limits on some routes. When you want to chill at 110, this is not possible without 9 times scrolling down after activating the TACC (from 150 to 110). 

And the current behavior is even worse when the car does not know the current speed limit from the navigation map data and activates with the wrong or even "unlimited" speed limit.

This would bei great as a settings option. Without proper speedsign reading this can be really dangerous in Germany when the car has no Speedlimit info and sets the limit to 150 when there really is a dynamic limit of 80 or 100. When there is a Car in front you you have the time to adjust it but when the road ist free you are driving 120-130 before you have lowered the limit significantly.

It would bei much better to start lower and adjust to a higher speed or manual speeding up to the desired speed and lock that in. At least without full self driving an real speed sign reading.


Maybe activate current speed by push down and hold 2-3 seconds??
Pretty annoying on my daily commute, there are some long time road construction, and reduced speed limit.

I want to accelerate to 50 km/h, and activate ACC at that speed, not continue accelerating to the normal 80 km/h, as soon as I let go of the accelerator pedal.