Smart Mirror Tilt for Parallel Parking (Only tilt curb side)

cbanker - Friday, July 10, 2020 - 5:26 pm

Currently, there is only an option to tilt the mirror when in reverse or not tilt them.  Having the mirror on the road side (usually left) tilted down not allow the driver to watch for approaching cars using the mirror.  

I would suggest a third option: "smart tilt". In this mode, it would detect which side has a curb and/or parked cars and tilt that mirror, leaving the other un-tilted. This would allow the useful tilted mirror on the curb side where it's needed and leave the road side un-tilted and usable for watching approaching traffic.  

The abilities to tilt mirrors and detect curbs and cars are already there, so this is only a software change.  It would be an added option to an existing menu item, so it would not require adding a new menu item.  

A simpler version of this would be to allow the user to select to tilt left, right, or both.  However, this could be annoying for occasions when parking on the other side of one-way streets.